What’s Hunting Magic? An Intro

I should’ve started this blog months ago. There’s so much background I could’ve filled in, and now that my life’s taken crazy twists and turns in recent weeks, it would all have been a very rewarding read!

Well, better late than never. Time to get started.

What’s this “magic” I hunt?

There’s an indescribable feeling that, for the past 10+ years, often fills me up inside and threatens to burst. You could call it extreme happiness. I call it magic.

Magic is what you feel when you sit down with a cup of tea, listening to your favorite music (or something new and amazing) and everything seems to align at that moment. Life seems completely perfect, and you wouldn’t ask for anything more.

Magic is when you’re travelling in a bus or a train, and you happen to wake up in the morning before any of the other passengers, just in time to catch the sun cresting over the landscape. The land outside is still shrouded in that beauty of the dark night, but with every passing moment the color of the sky begins to change. It’s foggy and cold as hell, you snuggle up tightly in your blanket, before realizing the beauty is too good to pass. Having been in this situation, I couldn’t resist the urge of whipping out my camera, opening the window wide open and sticking out my head and torso out of the window into the freezing, fresh morning air. I put on some music and clicked away, enjoying that special moment all to myself. After a while though, people began to wake up (partly due to me opening the window) and joined me in enjoying the view.


And then a friend clicked a picture of me

Magic is when you’re suddenly highly aware of being alive, and you begin to marvel at it all. This, for me, is most often triggered and supported by art – music, film, video games, paintings etc.

I guess magic is beauty. And beauty is subjective and as they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder. But there are still some common things that manage to evoke an emotional response from most of us – Nature, music, art, interactions with loved ones… moments that make us feel happy to be alive.

But apart from that, moments of magic and beauty are often triggered by the mysterious and beautiful. Think of the universe. Of existence. Listen to some great atmospheric music (I prefer Coldplay or film soundtracks, some might like Pink Floyd, whatever you like), turn the lights down, watch some great (computer generated perhaps) footage of the universe, the kind you might see in the TV show Cosmos, and let your head float. Some people would call this experience “trippy”, call it whatever you like, but that’s the kind of feeling I’m talking about.

Often this feeling is triggered by video games. Walking around in the woods in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, as the sky turns dark and it begins to rain used to be a great feeling. Nowadays I often spend a lazy afternoon playing GTA V, driving a nice car down the open highway, again, playing some great music. Watching as the day turns to night, the lights turn on around the city, buildings light up the horizon, and people in the game come out to have a good time. And I just keep on riding past it all, playing great music, a passing observer , and it makes me wonder where the line that distinguishes the real and virtual worlds has disappeared off to, and whether it really even exists. I mean, isn’t our life and existence a kind of a virtual simulation as well? What makes a video game less real than our own life?


A scene from Into the Wild. He probably knows what I’m talking about.

There is so so so much to talk about this feeling, and there is so much I haven’t touched upon. But I just needed to start, and here it is, a bit of an introduction to this blog. Through my life I aim to catch and understand this elusive, fleeting feeling of overwhelming beauty. Maybe I can keep  a record of that through this blog, and bring you along on this journey!

I’ll talk about how it all started in the next blog, and fill in all the details about who I am, and what my current situation is. Thanks for reading!